Hello world!

I’ve been blogging for several years now, on a public blog, then another public blog, then a private one. One of the things I love most is sharing pictures and stories with people I may not know, and getting to meet them. Writing on a private blog just doesn’t have the same appeal for me anymore.

So here I am. A new public blog for a new year. And I’m already a month late into it, but that’s just fine. I’ll add some info to the About section above, but firstly, let me introduce myself.

My name is Trish. I am 29 and two-thirds. I live in Arizona with my fiance and our two beautiful cats, Fizzgig and Bella. Fizzie only has one eye, and Bella has two. By day I manage an apartment complex, also happens to be where I live so I consider myself very lucky not to be a slave to my gas tank. By night I am crafty. I make jewelry, I paint, I embroider, I cook and bake, I decorate and then redecorate our apartment and I consider myself a budding photographer.  It may seem that my interests are pretty scattered and I guess that’s true. I like to try everything. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not so much, but I always have fun trying and that’s the important part.

I can’t promise I’ll update every day, but when I do I promise to share lots of pictures of my latest crafty endeavor. I have an etsy site where I sell my wares, although it is sadly neglected at the moment. Maybe this blog will inspire me to get off my ass and work instead of hanging out with my DVR every night after work. Anything is possible, right?

So anyway, welcome to my world. Please feel free to share some comments if you’ve got any, although nice ones would be preferable. And be sure to leave your blog address so I can check yours out too.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back soon!



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