The orchid

orchid-pinI am getting married in May. It’s been a long time coming, we’ve been together for seven years, and I’m not the kind of girl who’s just “all about having a wedding”. There are very few things that I am set on when it comes to the event. The color will be Tiffany Blue, for example. When I thought of the wedding after we first got engaged, that’s just the color that popped in my head right away. I knew I wanted a very simple dress, and even after going to multiple bridal shops (alright, only two to be honest…) I knew I wanted the very first dress I had seen on It’s perfect and simple, no complicated beadwork or big long train or anything. It has a simple square neck and the skirt is a-line, with elegant little buttons down the back, which I just love. And when I picture my hair, I don’t see a veil, I have always seen the flower above. It’s a hairpin by Tarina Tarantino, who I just adore. It’s so pretty and sparkly, just the perfect thing to accent a very simple gown, but at $88, I can’t justify it. An $88 hairclip.

Soooo, I’ve been looking for an orchid just like it for the past year or so, that I can add crystals to and, in not so many words, rip off Tarina’s design. I’ve had no luck, most silk flowers are too soft and flimsy, and the cheaper ones, look, well, cheap.

Tonight I was at the mall with a friend of mine and we stopped in Torrid, and there, on the clearance rack was an orchid clip! Score!


It’s already on a hairclip, so there’s step one already down, now I just have to get some Swarovskis and go to town. It’s a much sturdier material than a regular fake flower so I think it will hold the crystals well. I don’t know if I am going to use as many crystals, and I think I will use plain clear ones instead of the AB finish, but I can’t wait to work on this. I also think it’s prettier that it looks more realistic than hers. The best part? Everything clearance was buy-one-get-one, and because I also bought myself a t-shirt, this clip was f-r-e-e. Free.

So thanks for the inspiration, Ms. Tarantino, but I like free way better than $88. I hope you will forgive me. Signed, your fan, Trish.


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