Valentine weekend


Happy (belated) Valentine’s day! I hope it was relaxing and fun, like mine was. My fiance and I stayed home, determined to avoid the crowded restaurants as much as possible this weekend. He actually made me dinner, which was so awesome. Ricotta and spinach ravioli with bread and salad. I ate every bit on my plate, and still made room for cream puffs later. So, a note to myself: You are supposed to fit into a wedding dress in three months. Remember that.

Anyway, Somewhere in Time was on tv, which Kane has never seen, so we watched most of it. It’s hard to watch epic movies like that on tv, all the commercial breaks really get annoying. I haven’t seen that movie since I was very young and my mother would have it on in the house while I’d be playing Barbies or something on the floor. I forgot how pretty Jane Seymour’s costumes are.


I have to remember to borrow the DVD from mom, now that I saw parts of it, I feel like watching it all, uninterrupted.

I also finally made my valentine cookies, better late than never I guess. I mostly wanted to use the pretty pink edible glitter I bought a while ago, and who doesn’t like sparkly pink heart-shaped cookies? I used my favorite sugar cookie dough recipe, which makes only about 2 and a half dozen cookies, which is just enough.


Now to go pop in my Denise Austin’s Cardio Dance dvd and work off the one and a half dozen cookies I ate today.

On second thought, maybe tomorrow.


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