Night off


Today seems to be one of those days where nothing goes as well as it should. I think sometimes the universe just decides to play with our heads a little bit and says, “Let’s just throw a little roadblock here…”. Damn universe.

I keep trying to work on our wedding invitations and for some reason my printer just will not print them correctly. Luckily I tried them first on the sample sheets that came with the invitations so I didn’t ruin any actual ones. This is the second and final batch I am printing, and they printed perfectly the first time, but I guess tonight my computer does not want to behave.

Also, I tried to work on my new cuff bracelet idea twice, and both times I just sat there, needle in hand, staring at the vacant black felt. Hmph.

I think it’s a sign that maybe I need to give myself a night off once in a while, and who am I to argue with the universe?

Goodnight, all.


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