End of the week


This weekend was a really good one. I usually spend most of my free time on Saturdays and Sundays getting things done and rushing around. And while I still got a lot done, especially in terms of the wedding, I made a point of slowing myself down, not rushing so much. I feel much calmer than I ordinarily would.

Saturday I had lunch with my mother and my sister at Joe’s Real BBQ, in Gilbert. It’s so cute inside, like a giant old farmhouse with  lots of Billie Holiday and Django Reinhardt piped over the sound system. The food was excellent, they had this homemade applesauce that was unbelievable. Maybe I should try to make my own sometime, how hard can it be? Hmmm.

Later that night I went to my sister’s house with my wedding dress in tow, to finally try it on for the girls and see what they think. They both agreed it does need some alterations, but overall they made me feel better about it. (I’ve been second-guessing my choice for the past few weeks. I blame it on watching too much What Not To Wear and learning what fits my body and what doesn’t.) So I went home last night with a new sense that everything truly is coming together for my wedding, and since it’s going so well, I’m just looking for stuff to stress about. Weight off of shoulders.

Today I decided not to go anywhere. This is probably the first day in a long time that I didn’t venture out, and it was great. I still did some chores around the house, but got to be lazy for once. It suits me, I think!


Here’s a kind of artsy picture I took of Kane a few days ago when he wasn’t paying attention. Kane and some beers, two of my favorite things.

Hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful weekend too. I’ll write again soon, hopefully with more crafty stuff to report!


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