The sequin project

sequins2It’s been almost two years since Cheryl gave me a huge tupperware container full of sequins. Every shape and color you can imagine. She’d been collecting them for years, mostly because she just loved sequins, but she never quite found anything to do with them. After a brief shining (tee hee!) moment where I used them to adorn my prized Elvis christmas tree skirt, they have sat untouched on my shelf.

Tonight I cracked the container open and decided to turn them into something.

orbital-earrings-pink1After many different combos, this is what I came up with. I love the Swarovskis I used, which have also sat on my desk for quite some time, untouched. Kinda pretty, no? Cheryl moved out of state and I’ve lost track of her, but it’s a shame because I would love to mail her a pair of these, or something else I might make with her sequin collection.



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