Back to normal life

trish and kane_table1

Well, it will already be two weeks ago tomorrow that Kane and I were married. It feels like I’m only just getting back into normal life again. These past two weeks have been so great, although not too much has changed with us. Except for the fact that we both giggle a little using the words “my husband Kane”, or “my wife Trish”. Hee hee. It will take some getting used to.

The wedding was amazing, we both really enjoyed it although it went so fast. I have to start writing out my thank you cards this week, but a special thanks to Lauren, who sent us two beautiful champagne flutes, which you can see in the picture above were put to good use!

My colors for the wedding were tiffany blue, black and white. I love this combination lately, I think it’s so feminine and delicate. I also had to add some lace to my wedding gown to, ahem, cover some bustiness. My friend Traci gave me her old wedding gown and told me to use the lace from it, but in the end I had to still buy some lace at the fabric store, since hers didn’t work as I had hoped. So now I have these pretty lace scraps lying around and I want to utilize them. Especially because they are part of her wedding dress, I don’t want them to go to waste.

I decided to embroider the lace to add some color, so I went with my above-mentioned color scheme.

lace b&aBefore and after. I wanted to use this as a focal component in a necklace, but had a hard time getting the chain to attach, so I had to glue the tips of the lace so it was more solid, to hold the jump rings.


Anyway, I think I love it! It looks really cool on, it’s more of a statement necklace than I usually put together.


The backside of the lace doesn’t look nearly as pretty, but I don’t think it matters much. Plus I finally got to use these cool black and clear vintage Swarovski crystals (or one of them anyway!). I’ve had them forever and I never use them because I always want to wait for a project that’s really special. This is it I guess!

Too bad it’s not really Traci’s style. But I’m sure she’ll appreciate that part of her gown is being recycled. She was sick of cramming the dress into a space bag in her closet anyway!

~Mrs. Black –out! (Hee hee.)


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  1. Yayyyy, love my shout out! You guys look so happy it’s ridiculous, and I’m so thrilled for you (and to have been able to help out)! Nice job with the lace–such fun to make new memories out of old ones.

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