The flower project, continued.

The next theme for my craft group’s meeting, the East Valley Artisans, is flowers. (We choose a theme for a project and interpret it into whatever medium we want, then show our stuff off at the following meeting. It’s awesome because it forces me to make time to work on stuff. I also have come up with some stuff I never would have done before, and they have been some of my favorite things I have ever made.)

Since I have been so busy with getting married and all that, I have only been working on new projects for the past couple of nights. Although, if I am being honest, I probably would have waited until the last minute anyway. Always a procrastinator.

So here are two more projects for the theme, along with the necklace in my previous post. I’m really working on my beaded flowers. They take a long time and require a lot of patience. (I think it’s good for me!!)

Let me know what you think!

gardengate bracelet

gardengate bracelet CU

fairyflower bracelet

fairyflower bracelet CU


One response

  1. Pretty cool! Flowers is a great theme. In my opinion, I like the pearl as the center of the flower much more than the yellow beads. Not that I hate the yellow beads or anything, but they don’t seem as “finished” a look. Know what I mean?

    Anyway, it’s awesome you’re doing crafty things again and having fun getting inspired! Good luck at your meeting. I’m sure this will all go over well. And if not… you can always make your way to the escape pods. I’ll distract the alien hordes.

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