Must craft more!!


So the EVA Halloween craft show is coming up very fast. In fact I really thought I had more time to “get my shit together” as the kids say. (Do they say that?) Anyway, it looks like I am going to have to really focus and get to work, and that means cleaning up my craft room, first and foremost.  I just cannot concentrate in a messy, cluttered space. Which is not good, because the nature of the things I make require a big clutter on my desk that I can pick and choose from. It also means getting into the halloween spirit, which is tough to do in Arizona when it’s all sunny and hot outside. I would do anything for just one overcast day!

This week I plan to am going to clean out my craft room and start decorating our space with ghosts and pumpkins and skeletons. I love halloween, but since leaving the east coast it’s been harder and harder each year to get into it. I always try to force it, make themed cupcakes and over-decorate but my enthusiasm isn’t shared by most Arizonians. These are largely people that decorate for christmas by putting giant inflatables on their lawns of Santa wearing bermuda shorts and resting beneath a palm tree. Uh-uh. Not good.

Anyway, Kane and I haven’t figured out what we are going to be yet either. I’m so glad he’s so into halloween. And not into sports. Sigh!

Here we are last year:

sweeney toddmrslovett

We worked really hard on these costumes. He was Sweeney Todd, and I was “Ummmm, Sweeney Todd’s girlfriend??”, according to everyone at the costume contest. (Kane won 2nd place, by the way!)  I’m used to it though. The year Pirates of the Carribean came out, we were Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan, and even though I worked painstakingly to make my dress and my pirates’ gold necklace, several people complimented me on my Cinderella costume!

Alright, I have gotten way off topic. My point is, I must get back to work on my crafty stuff and I must do it soon. Maybe I should watch some Northern Exposure and make some halloween cupcakes. That always gets me in the fall mood! Well, wish me luck!

And if anyone is in the area, definitely come check out our craft show. I made some cute fliers for the occasion even!

flierHappy hauntings! :)



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