Carving night

IMG_1032Saturday was pumpkin carving night at the Black home. We covered our entire table with newspaper and enlisted the help of our sharpest knives.

IMG_1034Is it just me, or is it kind of fascinating that pumpkins “bleed” when you stab them? Interesting, yet gross.

IMG_1043Don’t be alarmed, this is just my pumpkin-stabby face! Grrrr!

IMG_1042This is Kane’s! Grrr!

IMG_1044The worst part about carving though is yanking out the pumpkin guts. I did save the seeds though and I really want to try roasting them. I’ve never done that before.

IMG_1049The finished products! Kane’s was Iron Man, mine was a crossed eyed freak!

Oh wait, here’s ALL the pumpkins…


I think it took longer for us to pose the kitties like this than it did to carve the pumpkins!

IMG_1064Bella preferred to nuzzle with daddy instead of look at the camera. That’s okay, she’s such a good little nuzzler.

screamFizzie got bored with the process apparently. Roarrrrrrr!

IMG_1019Goodnight all! Have a peaceful and cozy night.


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