New steps


I decided I need to branch out a little. I feel like the handmade jewelry market is a little saturated, and for the craft fair this weekend, I should have some things other than jewelry for sale. I do love other stuff *almost* as much as I love jewelry. Plus when I was making the fliers in photoshop, I realized listing “Jewelry! Jewelry! And Jewelry!” wasn’t so eye-catching. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t plan on trying some other stuff anyway, but why not put some good old fashioned pressure on myself by advertising that housewares will be featured at the craft fair? Challenge yourself, Trish!

love forever frame

This frame didn’t photograph too well. (And please pay no attention to the dusty miniblinds behind the curtain!)

green skull box

Okay, not everything I made has skulls on it. Just most things. <3

halloweenbags1I also broke out the old embossing powder and rubber stamps and made myself some new bags, just in case someone decides to purchase something.


I didn’t have any letters small enough to spell out Little Silver Stars, so I just went with the initials. And I was completely surprised that I don’t have a star-shaped rubber stamp. How did that happen? That totally seems like something I would have bought at one time or another. Gotta pick one of those up sometime.

So that’s enough for me, I’m off to bed. The rest of this week is going to be super busy, both crafty-wise and at work so if I don’t get back on here before Saturday, wish me and the rest of the EVA girls luck!

And if you are in the area, come and have some free popcorn and check out our Craft-oberfest this Saturday from 10-2! Yay!


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