Welcome back to my world

Wow, has it really been this long since I posted anything? Time has definitely been flying.

Well if anyone still is out there checking this page, thank you! I promise more frequent updates in the future, and maybe a picture or two.

The usual work stuff has kept me busy, but I don’t want to waste time dwelling on that. The good news is, I sold some more pieces!

First, my wonderful and sweet sister L took some of my wire-wrapped jewels to work with her and sold two things, then my friend T ordered two pieces online from my etsy site. So thanks to both of them for the boost of confidence in my own creations, sometimes it’s hard to think that anyone is interested in my stuff who doesn’t know me. I don’t know why I sometimes feel like people buy something just to be “nice”, I must stop that kind of thinking.

On the other hand, I have to get down to business with taking photos of some of my newer items and listing them online. I’m particularly excited about two new rings, so those will be first to be posted.

I am also planning a major spring cleaning of my finished pieces.

I would love to sit down and pull all of them out in front of me, look at what’s old or overpriced, see which pieces deserve a do-over, and which ones deserve a re-post. Back before I had any idea of how much people are really willing to pay for stuff, I used all expensive elements in my jewelry. Too much sterling silver and tons of crystals all adds up to me having to charge too much just to make my money back. So in the “Finished Jewelry” box they sit, just waiting to be broken down and more reasonably priced.

So finally that time has come. No more letting stuff just pile up in our apartment. Change things up and give them a chance to be seen and sold!

On the same token, I also need to take a serious, hard look at the pieces I’ve made for myself over the years. Do I really need this many? Granted, they are my favorites, but that doesn’t mean I have to keep all of them! As a designer, I think that’s the hardest thing of all, not keeping everything you make. It’s like selling your child. Well, not really. It’s actually harder. Jewelry doesn’t cry or have poopy diapers. I’m kidding of course!!

Be back soon!


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