Sunday morning and here I am at work, passing the quiet moments away. I switched my work schedule a few weeks back, so instead of working Monday-Friday, I now work Sunday-Thursday. I think it was a good decision!

While it does suck getting up early and being stuck in the office on this beautiful day, it’s really quiet and I’ve been able to get some things done. I like the quiet! It also means one less busy, loud day in the office filled with drama and craziness.

This morning I already walked the property, picking up trash in the parking lot, saying hello to the few residents who are out and about today, and I swept the patios of the vacant units, which were COATED in pollen. I wish I had taken a picture of the pile on one of the worst patios, it was so bad. And I had been walking prospective residents through the pollen dust each time I toured someone, you could see footprints all over. Not a pretty site.

Allergies have been terrible lately here in Arizona. I stopped by a grocery store the other night and it was actually funny how many sniffles and coughs I was hearing as I roamed the aisles. Myself included. I have had an on-the-verge sinus infection for almost two weeks now. I’ve been keeping it at bay with lots of sudafed and my trusty penguin humidifier, so thankfully it hasn’t reached the full blown point yet. Not that stirring up pollen by sweeping it into piles all morning really helped, but whatever!

Save me, penguin!! <3

Well, back to work for me. Tonight I am taking some photos of my newest jewelry pieces and [hopefully] posting them to my etsy store. We’ll see how that goes with me sniffling and blowing my nose every minute and trying to keep my camera still!


3 responses

  1. Nice new blog, Trish. I have been blowing my nose like crazy the past few days and waking up with the scratchy throat thing. Don’t know if it is a mild cold or allergies. By the smells outside my door, I might guess allergies. I am looking forward to seeing the new stuff in your etsy shop. Hopefully we’ll see ya at the meeting on Wednesday and you can show and tell the wire wrapped stuff you’ve mentioned.

  2. Thanks Kandes! I’ve had it for a year already, although I think I only updated maybe 15 times total.
    I am 99% sure I will be at the meeting this week. Fingers crossed!

  3. That penguin humidifier is pretty awesome. And cute. I hope you’re feeling better today! Pollen is rotten. That’s not a real rhyme, but what do I look like, some kind of writer or something…? Gah!

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