Here it is. My latest wire-wrapped ring and I am very proud of this one. Back in December I bought a ring for my sister at a craft fair (pictured below).

I love love LOVE this ring, and I’ve been working on some new techniques on my own, trying to teach myself how to do this very same thing. So the ring at the top is my first try, but I think it’s a pretty good one. I am wearing it today to test it out, make sure there’s now sharp edges and that it doesn’t catch on clothes and stuff. (Aren’t I so sweet? Burp.)

I also did a few more rings, but last night I was dead tired so I only phot’d one more.

This pictures are not that good, but you get the idea.

Anyway, this is where my silver wire stuff stops, for the time being. I am just about out of wire! I am placing an order tonight though, hopefully it ships quickly so I can get back to business!


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