Flower picking

Another quiet day at work. I got my reports done early, opened and coded all my bills and then played on facebook for about an hour. Yawn.

I decided I needed some fresh air and went for a walk the property and take some pictures of the pretty little flowers sprouting up all over.

As I was doing so, taking my time and enjoying the nice breezy, cool weather, I was interrupted by a few residents. No big surprise there. “What are you doing, Trish?”. “Just taking some pictures….for, ummm, insurance reasons….”. I don’t know what the possible “insurance reasons” would be, but who cares. It just kind of came out of my mouth.

I guess I feel like I always need to be working even when I am out on property, since any time I am not, someone will come in to the office within a few days and give me a hard time about it, without fail. I just hate hearing,”So, did you have a good workout on the treadmill the other day?”, “Oh, I see you have plenty of time to waste, must be nice…”. Stupid stalker residents!

At least the flowers don’t harass me! And they are much prettier to look at than most of the residents too, LOL!

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


2 responses

  1. Really? They come in and say things like that? What business is it of theirs what you do? You live there too and are allowed to use the facilities. And if you’re on break then that’s your time. Wow, some people are HUGE busy-bodies.

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