My favorite resident

This is Curtis. He is about seven months old and he is my favorite thing about my job. His parents bring him to the office to hang out with me once or twice a week and I LOOOOOVE him!

Before I met his family, I used to wonder about how families handle having a baby with Downs Syndrome, or any other disability. I wondered how they would feel, knowing their child would always be different, knowing that they may never get a job or meet someone and get married. How did they come to terms with the fact that their child may never develop mentally?

But when you see Curtis or hold him, you just realize, who the hell cares? As long as he is healthy and smiling, nothing else matters. He’s a beautiful little boy, and it’s so obvious how much his family loves him that you just know he’s going to be just fine no matter what the future may hold. He is precious.

(Plus his tongue always sticks out and you gotta poke him in the tongue to remind him to put it back in, and it’s so funny the way he reacts! Love this kid!!)


3 responses

  1. YAY!! I am so psyched to finally see Curtis! And yeah, he is an adorable little boy, and he’s going to have a very happy and healthy life because he’s a beautiful soul. You can just see it, you know what I mean?

    I want him to come visit ME a couple times a week, too! Our office needs a Curtis! :-)

  2. I babysat a boy with Down’s from when he was three months old until he walked down the aisle at my wedding as one of my ring bearers. I never saw Jack as different. He was special and so precious to me. He was my little buddy and full of unconditional love. Jack is now 14 years old and very accomplished in horseback riding and soccer. He is still a doll and I miss him terribly. I can tell Curtis is going to turn out the exact same way. He’s such a cutie.

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