Why is it that when I have no money until I get paid in 2 weeks that Sephora runs one of their first coupons ever? And it happens to expire before my paycheck arrives?

Why do no residents come in to the office when my door is shut so I can get a project done in peace and quiet, but when my door is open it’s like a bus arrives?

Why is LOST only an hour long?

Why does the caged bird sing? (I never actually read that one so I dunno!)

Why didn’t I think of this?:

This post has been brought to you by the letter “Y”!


3 responses

  1. Ice Cube!!!! I can’t answer your questions, because I don’t have the knowledge.

    But I *CAN* scream out “ICE CUBE!!” What a fan-foookin’-tastic idea to do that.

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