Scenes from our first anniversary

One year already. It’s hard to believe.

My amazing and thoughtful husband gave me some awesome presents, like a whole bunch of spa stuff from Origins and a paper rose which he made himself with origami.

He wanted to give me a flower that would last a little longer than a few weeks, and not only that but he found out that paper is the traditional first anniversary gift. So thoughtful!!

We went to dinner at Monti’s Casa Viejo in Tempe which was perfect because it was Sunday night and hardly anyone was there, so it was very private and romantic.

(It is also very hard to take pictures in Monti’s dimly lit dining room, apparently.)

It was a great anniversary weekend. We went for massages and had lunch with my sister and drank too much wine and laughed a lot.

I hope we have a hundred more anniversaries just like it.


3 responses

  1. I love this post…it’s adorable. And it makes me very happy! I’m really glad you both had such a wonderful first anniversary. You earned it, and you deserve it! Both of you. :-)

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