So I have finally figured out soldering. I have been dying to learn, trying/failing, using the wrong kind of metals, learning about which ones are actually conductive, and trying some more.

These necklaces are made with those flat-back glass marbles from the fake plant section of the craft store. And copper and solder and paper and elbow grease. (I hate the phrase ‘elbow grease’, I just realized.)

And a sketch of Malcolm, the best dog I have ever had, drawn about 11 years ago.

This soldering stuff opens up so many possibilities for me now. And I’m proud to say I think my jewelry will finally stand out.



2 responses

  1. Your jewelry has advanced SO MUCH just in the last few months alone! You’re doing great, little sister. I’m so very proud of you!

    And I do believe I need to commission one of those Malcolm pendants. Please make another one. KTHNX.

  2. How cool! I would not be able to do this given my track record with fire, hot things and attempts to be crafty (I had a bad glue gun incident years ago)

    I love that picture of Malcolm!!!

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