Part two of my vacation

Okay, it’s been a whole month since the trip and I finally got the rest of my pictures uploaded. I’m not saying I’m lazy but I make Jaba the Hut look like an olympian. No? Too far.

Two little beads. My only souveniers from Laguna Beach. Alright AND a cheesy dolphin keychain. Happy now? Let’s move on.

Kane took me to dinner at a gorgeous restaurant called Angelo’s and Vinci’s. It was built inside an old opera house. I liked it already.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could inside, but it’s pretty dark so excuse the quality of the next few pictures. Hopefully you get the idea of how cool the atmosphere was.

It’s got a very high ceiling and it’s covered in christmas lights and old theater props. So cool. And somewhat ghostly.Kane heard disembodied voices every time he opened his phone and dialed it! Eek!

I saw a mysterious floating orb as I was drinking my wine. I think it wanted my wine! Aak!

Here we are looking dreanged after a lovely meal. I’m not saying that the food was great, but I made Jaba the Hut look like an olympian! (No? Alright…)

Next up was Torrence, CA. Being the huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan that I am, Kane took me to see Sunnydale High and Buffy’s house. Yay!

I even watched a few episodes with Laurie the night before just to get in the mood!

This is Laurie. We LOVE Laurie!

While in Torrence, we had to make a very important pit stop so this could happen:

Very important milestone in any trip. Moving on…

We also got to go to the famous Farmer’s Market in LA. I didn’t get many pictures of the booths, but the place was crazy packed with people and had every kind of food you could ever want.

I naturally zeroed in on my food of choice. Bennett’s ice cream. One of the oldest stands in the entire market.

It tasted even better than it looks. On a personal note, please ignore my ever-fatter face in all these pictures. I blame CA’s overpopulation of yummy restaurants.

We saw some really cool stuff in the few hours we walked around the farmer’s market. Including a very high-looking Simon Rex walking past the butcher shop and laughing uncontrollably. Nope, not kidding.

But my favorite place was Shine Gallery.

It’s this awesome shop with vintage memorabilia and novelties, all authentic, no reproductions.

I could have wandered around this store for hours. Even Kane, who is definitely a non-shopper, was fascinated by the bizarre and cool stuff they had. I of course spent a good portion of my trip money there, I can’t wait to go back  again some day.

Here’s the last picture we took on the trip, overlooking the beach in Santa Monica. One of the best vacations I’ve ever had with my favorite person in the whole world. And now that’s enough pictures for this blog and probably several others combined. My blog makes Jaba the Hut look like…oh forget it.


2 responses

  1. I LOVE these pictures!! That restaurant looks amazing. I want to go to there!

    Your face is definitely NOT ever-fatter in the pictures. Please. You’re too hard on yourself. Plus, eating is the best thing ever, outside of love. Add the word pray in there and you got yourself a book/movie or something.

    Oh, and that STORE. I want the Teenage Doll! And probably about 175 other things I’d see in there.

    So glad you had fun with Kane, and got away from the ‘scene’ here. You needed it. Love you! <3

  2. No fat face I can see.

    These pictures are amazing and I LOVE how everything looks. That restaurant is killer and I am so jealous you got to see Sunnydale High and Buffy’s house.

    There is a store like that vintage toy store in Ohio and I loved spending forever in there. In fact, I may need to stop on by when we are there next month.

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