Evening, interrupted

Last week I found a new bead store. My sister and I went to lunch nearby a little shopping center and I guess we ate too fast, because we had some time to kill before she had to be back at work. We remembered seeing a bead shop nearby a few weeks earlier, so we went to check it out. They had so many cool things I hadn’t seen before at the bead shops in the area. And I should know, I worked for one for several years and was the inventory buyer for a brief time.

Anyway it’s called Another Bead Please, and you should check it out. I got this beautiful bird component there.

I finally decided to make something with my little brass bird, so I sat down at my desk after dinner and starting working. I had the (500) Days Of Summer soundtrack on, the cats were curled up on the carpet near my feet, and suddenly-

“I’M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU F*#%ING BITCH!!”. Outside my window, a man, (Let’s call him and ANGRY man) was stomping through the playground outside, yelling this at the top of his lungs. This was followed by a woman’s voice, which I couldn’t hear what she was shouting, but then a ghetto bird circled the property for about 15 minutes, shining it’s light onto all of our patios. Nice.

Thank god I have tomorrow off of work. Did I mention I manage these apartments? Sigh.

Have a good night, world.


4 responses

  1. Wow! Now there’s some excitement! It must be a night for lunacy! We went to pick up Scarlett from my friend Brook’s house and when we came out, we saw the cops had showed up while we were inside, and I saw them bring some guy out of the house across the street in handcuffs and put him into the car! Joe says I shouldn’t tell my friend about it because it might make her more paranoid about safety… but I don’t know, I am tempted to tell her anyway, as I KNOW she would want to know about it…

    I had a lot of fun at dinner and am so happy with this necklace!! I really want to buy the N one for my best friend Nina… I know she will love it!

    Those sites were plurk.com, & artfire.com.

    As for my Acupuncturist, her name is Susan Williams and the phone number is: 602-321-2510.

  2. It’s okay my dear. Yesterday morning I discovered the neighbor’s truck parked rather close to my driveway, with ‘EVER BEEN F**KED IN A FORD?’ very clearly shoe polished across the back window.

    Class is all around us, from the East to the West…to me, A-R-I-Z-O-N-A spells CLASSY!!

  3. Ha ha!! People are classy everywhere. Wish I could get a new job Amanda but I’ve been sending resumes for the past couple of months and not even any calls back! It’s ok though, the right new job is going to show up sometime, I just can’t give up hope!

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