On The Job

Today is Sunday. I am sitting at my desk at work, trying so hard to keep my eyes open. Last night we had a Tim and Eric party, which was so fun. I got to sleep probably around 3 though, by the time I did some cleanup, got ready for bed, checked my email, checked my facebook and then got tired enough to fall asleep.

Either way, it was worth it. Now I’m just trying to get motivated enough to do actual work to make the time go by a little faster, but eh. There’s a new Mark catalog that the Avon lady dropped off here at the office yesterday, so instead of working I’m looking through that, picking out stuff to order, even though I have no real intention of ordering it. Just pretending like I have money and playing that game of,”If I had to pick one thing on each page, I’d pick…”. I used to play that game when I was little with all the mail order catalogs and circulars we had around our house all the time growing up. If I ever became fabulously wealthy, I already had my choices made of what jewelry I would pick from the Kmart sales flier.

And if anyone out there is fabulously wealthy now, might I suggest a purchase or two from Amycreates? I just bought a really cool skull shirt from her, and she’s got some awesome stuff listed in her etsy store.

And if I ever actually DO become fabulously wealthy in my own right, most of my funds will be sent via Paypal to the many etsy sellers whose stuff I’ve had in my favorites for a few years now!

Happy Sunday!


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