Branching out

I’m finally adding more stuff to my shop! I’ve been wanting to do some other things non-jewelry, and I had done it before but they never really made it online. I still have a mirror that I had done last October for Craftoberfest, and some day I fully intend to list it for sale, but for now it sits by my desk, used only when I make a new necklace and try it on.

Today I made these flower hairclips for my etsy shop. They are paper flowers froma scrapbook store, which I collaged and rubber stamped and dipped in german glass glitter. If you haven’t used glass glitter before, I highly recommend it. It’s tiny fragments of mercury glass, but it adds so much more texture and shine to your projects. I don’t know if I can ever go back to plain glitter after this stuff. Plus the silver glitter tarnishes with age,  and it looks so vintage-y!


4 responses

  1. Oh man, I LOVE this stuff! I am also ticked that the Etsy Mini feature won’t work with WordPress–I noticed you just found that out, too.

    These are beautiful Trish. I might be becoming addicted to Little Silver Stars.

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