Add this to the long-overdue list of stuff for me: I finally did another craft fair this past weekend! My first one since last year. And thank god for it too, I was starting to think that I was just making all this crap for my health.

It took a really long time to get everything packaged and labeled and priced. My sister was a huge help to me with this, since we moved the week before the show and that ate up almost any free time I had to get this stuff done. But more on the move later.

I shared the booth with one of my favorite people in the world, and fellow artist, Amy Creates! You can see her fixing stuff here and her husband acting as much needed booth filler.

Although Amy later declared him “bad luck” since any sales she had were when he left the table. He is hereby banned from Amy’s shows. Not mine though. He can sit on my side of the booth and “put out the vibe”.

Speaking of putting out the vibe, check me out with my two necklaces and my sly grin!

In the booth right behind ours, there was a lady selling giant sugar cookies. Covered in sprinkles, which are my biggest weakness. Look at all those sprinkles. Heaven for Trish. The only down side was that it was almost too pretty to eat. I said almost.

Towards the end of the day we had a few people turn out to support us. My husband, my sister and her dog Hurley, who is the cutest nephew ever, anywhere. Torey and Kane fawned all over him like the little sweetness he is!

Overall, the show was a moderate success. There weren’t that many shoppers, but Amy and I both made enough money to cover our booth costs, plus a little extra, so it was nice. Plus we had so much fun that it was all worth it anyway!

Plus, I got to see a little girl throw up on herself right in front of my display. So that’s a win right there!


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    • Thanks Molly! I’ve been working on some new stuff and it got a pretty good reception at the show, not that anyone actually BOUGHT any of it, but whatever! :)

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