Art and dogs

Over the weekend I decided to have some fun with my collage stuff. So many of the pieces that I love are too large for jewelry, and so they’ve been laying on my desk in a messy pile, waiting for me to find a use for them.

I did this collage on canvas in my favorite colors. It was really fun to use so many different mediums together. I used our initials in it too, just to make it more special. I am not sure where it will hang, but Kane says it needs to be somewhere that everyone can see it so maybe the living room.

We also introduced my sister’s dog to my cats this past week.

Fizzie did okay, he still hid in the closet but he was more curious than I expected and didn’t hide too far from Hurley. Bella on the other hand didn’t know WHAT to make of him, he’s the first dog she’s ever seen I think.

To her credit, she didn’t hide, but she hissed once and then perched herself on top of my dresser, staring down at Hurley’s fluffy little shape with complete concentration. She had what Kane and I call the “Worried Bunny” face.

She just looks like a scared Jim Henson bunny somehow when she’s curious!

I couldn’t find a picture of a Jim Henson bunny looking worried, but if you watch Muppet Christmas Carol, and there’s that shot of Bean Bunny freezing in the cold, that’s what Bella looks like.

Anyway, Hurley was a complete gentleman meeting the cats, as he always is. He didn’t get in their faces or push too hard, so I think that they could get used to him coming over to the house. I hope so!

And speaking of Hurley, he got a brand new sister this weekend!! Her name is Sandy and she came from AZ Sheltie Rescue. Here they are, already lounging together.

Isn’t she pretty? They make a nice little pair. Congratulations to my sister on her new family member!!



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  1. I agree that you need to display this collage prominently. It’s so pretty! I wouldn’t be upset if I got one of my own collages this Christmas, you know. Just sayin’. ;-)
    I have had a really good dog week! Other things sucked, but the dog part has truly been awesome!

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