Disapproving kitty

I was on cuteoverload.com for the millionth time today, and I just had to share this link about the coolest kitty sanctuary ever.


I am inspired to donate!! I think my favorite gift I ever gave my sister for Christmas was I sponsored a dog in her name at Best Friends in Utah. I highly recommend it for any animal lovers you know. It was really cool and rewarding, both for her and for me. Maybe this year I can sponsor a kitty for her. Maybe I can sponsor this one in particular, because I like the disapproving look on her face paired with her laid back slurpage.

Look at that tongue! It’s like a big piece of wired ribbon! Cute!!!

(On another note, I sold another necklace on etsy!! Yay!!! It’s the French Bulldog Birthday Party one. I hope the girl who bought it loves it as much as I do! :) Goo’nite!)



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