Scenes from my studio

In all the usual holiday craziness, I don’t have too much time to write lately. In lieu of a long post, here are some new pictures of my studio, which I am finally getting cleaned up.

Chandelier: Ikea.

Aqua glitter ornament: Kirkland’s

Shelf: wine rack from Target about 12 years ago.

Silver and pink German glass glitter: Mystic Paper

Pink glass candle holder: some store on a road trip to Payson, AZ

Silhouette candle holder: Anthropologie

Giant key: Pottery Barn

As for the rest of my studio, that’s to be continued…


One response

  1. I like it! I love all the pinks. So glad things are getting unpacked and put out on display! I should take pics of my studio…it’s filled with dolls and stuffed animals. They’re for my high-art performance events. (Seriously, there was an artist who would do performance art that consisted of being naked and humping his stuffed animals. Serious.)

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