Where has January gone?

Hello blog readers!! It’s been a super busy month, so sorry I haven’t gotten on here in a while. I cannot believe this month is more than halfway over, it’s just been a blur of cold medicine, tissues and reports for work. In other words, no fun stuff.

I was asked to be a vendor at the AZ Sheltie rescue event in March, so I have been scouring stores, trying to find stuff to collage with that has collies or shelties on it. At this point though, I would settle for anything with dogs, since I have been totally unsucessful. And any dog stuff I did find is L A M E.

My husband and I are also starting our own private “Biggest Loser” competition with some friends of ours in California. The idea is to weigh in every week, and see which couple lost the most weight. We’re going on the honor system in some ways, since they are about 1500 miles away, but I think I can trust them not to lie about their results. But the question is, do I trust me? Ha ha, we’ll have to see about that. I’m excited about it though, nothing like some friendly competition to kick your ass into gear.

Well, not much else to report, I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am still alive. And to post that picture above, which I found on pophangover.com, and it made me LOL. I think I snorted too. :)



3 responses

  1. They raise good, hearty folk out there in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Ari doesn’t look like she would go easy on any romantic rivals. Not when it comes to JTT, anyway!

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