Senorita Poopypants

Back from the gym again! Okay, so I’m not exactly running marathons yet but I worked out for three days in a row so that’s a small victory to me.

Although as hard as I am working on eating veggies with every meal (except breakfast cuz I don’t like omelettes), and cutting my portions down (so sad to leave food on the plate!), I did allow myself to have a Dr Pepper with my lunch today. I know I am trying to cut out soda altogether, but I needed some caffeine today. One won’t hurt me, I don’t think. Plus, I really don’t think you need to deprive yourself 100% of the things you love, since won’t that derail you altogether when you eventually cave and overdo it?

Thanks to you who wrote some encouraging comments to my last post! You guys are awesome! I only hope I can keep my blog a little entertaining for you. How about this, today I pooped my pants on the treadmill because I was running so fast. Then my sneakers slipped in the poo and I fell face down and flew off the treadmill into the freeweights, which collapsed all around me and everyone turned and stared and laughed! And one guy threw up. Alright, so that didn’t really happen, but I hope that was entertaining for a second there!


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  1. I like those little, half-sized cans of soda- a whole one is just too much for me to finish. It was fun to treat myself to the occasional one when they first came out and were like $1 for a 6-pack, but now they are EXPENSIVE!

    …maybe that’s not the best suggestion, after all…

    Uh… my grandma likes to eat tomatoes with her breakfast? Because they are a fruit?

    I like me some tomatoes, but when she took us all to Shoney’s for the breakfast buffet when I was a kid and I saw her putting slices of tomato on her plate, with a little salt, I had to puzzle over why grandma was eating tomatoes for breakfast.

  2. You’re doing great! The soda thing is the hardest thing for me, too. But we can do this. Well… at least, YOU can do this! I can cheer you on as I crack open a new can of Dr.Peps because I am not as strong-willed as you. YET. I will be though, and once we have trained sufficiently, you and I will go into the arena and battle.

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