Week One

Week #1 over. Would you like to know how I did?

I gained 1.1 pounds.

WHAT?? I worked really hard all week, but somehow I added to my weight! I was really upset about it last night until my husband reminded me that people fluctuate within about 5 pounds every day, so it may be that I did lose something, but who knows. Weight is such a hard thing to guage.

But it’s okay, I’m not derailed. I’ll just keep going and see what happens next Monday when I weigh myself again.


3 responses

  1. Plus, you could be ovulating…or having PMS… or whatever part of the cycle it is when weight fluctuates. Definitely don’t worry about it. Just keep on keepin’ on and good things will happen. :-)
    By the way, muscle weighs more than fat. So maybe you gained a pound of muscle, and muscle burns calories faster! Wooooot!

  2. All that, plus one tends to retain water from working out, in the beginning. The muscles do swell a bit- after all, exercise is causing minuscule “damage” to them in order to promote growth of more lean tissue. A pound is a pound. Muscle is more DENSE than fat, but takes up less space. Think one lb. of feathers compared to a 1lb. brick… you get the idea.

  3. Stay strong. It will come off as your body settles into your new routine. Remember you are asking it to change from your usual so there will be some flux. You are doing great!

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