Still working on it

So it’s been a while since my last update, but I am still working on my weight loss plan. I got derailed for about a week when I quit my job (more on that at a later date…) so it was hard to focus with all the stress going on.

But I didn’t let it ruin my hard work, and although I only lost 1 pound over the last 2 weeks, I am still trucking. So I’m thinking maybe I might extend my little exercise and not-eating-a-bag-of-chips-every-day thing into a more long-term goal, see how long I can keep this up and what happens.

So I’ll be sure to keep logging my progress up here, both for you to read and for me to remind myself to get up off the couch.

And hopefully another job will come my way soon and stop making me stress so much. Stress alone makes me fat, then stress eating…eh, I don’t even want to go there.

In craft-acular news, I am still preparing for my next show on March 19, for the AZ Collie and Sheltie Rescue! I’ve been having fun making dog-themed jewelry, found a ton of great pictures to use and whatever doesn’t sell at the show (which won’t be much, haha) I will post up on etsy for my fellow dog-lovers to show their friends and families, and maybe I can just get rich being a full time crafter.

I can dream, right? :)


5 responses

  1. sorry to hear about all the stress. i think the letting the job go is a step in the right direction though, you sounded pretty miserable there. dreams are only dreams until they become reality – here’s wishing yours into reality!

  2. I’m still so psyched to see what’s next for you when you finally leave that job!!! I KNOW it was the right decision!
    And I’m also excited about the craft show for the Sheltie/Collie Rescue, fo course. Hurley is so proud of his aunt, helping out “his kind” in this harsh, cruel world of indifference. ;-) Thank you! You know I’ll be buying something. Hell yes.

  3. Yay for getting away from that awful job!!!!! That’s great news :) I’m sure something much better will come along very soon, you sure deserve it!

  4. Wait…how did I miss the whole quitting your job thing? That is amazing! Hurrah for getting out of that shitty situation!! You made the absolute best decision. Can’t wait to hear about what you do next. And congrats for staying on track with the weight loss. I hoped to start up again this week and then got sick sick sick. So when I can breathe again, I shall sweat again. :)

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