Song Challenge: My Favorite Song

You Are What You Love by Jenny Lewis

My sister gave me a mix cd a few years ago with this song on it, along with a lot of other good ones too. But this song just has such a cute, happy sound to it that I still listen to it all the time. It’s on about 5 of my iTunes playlists and I never skip past it.

I love the lyrics too, because nobody, not a thousand beers can keep us from feeling so all alone. Because sometimes no matter what your situation, you can feel like running away too.

And by the way, that IS the girl from “The Wizard” and “Troop Beverly Hills”. Awesome.


3 responses

  1. Oh, cool! I’m going to love reading about your chosen songs. I’d do this challenge myself, but… I’m too lazy.

    And great choice of song! That really is one of the best songs by Jenny Lewis. I love it too! And you picked out my favorite lyric, too (“…not a thousand beers…”). We are totally sisters. No doubt. Hellllll yeah.

  2. Your sister gave me that mix cd, too, and I just love Jenny Lewis’ music. Have you listened to her new “Jenny and Jonny” album? It was released a few months ago & I snagged “Big Wave” free via Amazon.mp3.

  3. First of all, I loved that chick in those movies! Never knew she sang and she grew up really good! :)

    And I love that this opens up new songs to my listening pleasure. I will be adding this one to my playlists too!

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