Song Challenge: Least Favorite Song

OK, depending on the day, I have a lot of least favorites. Pretty much anything on the radio is my least favorite. There are bands that when I hear their lead singer’s voice, it’s like “Quick! Turn it off!!” as fast as possible.

But if I had to pick one song, I would have to go with….

Hey Soul Sister by Train.

Wow. This song is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s so overplayed for one thing, and for another, it sounds like it’s written to be in commercials and I can’t stand that. In fact, it is in commercials, for Samsung tvs and Sea World, among others.

I know it’s supposed to be a fun, poppy, upbeat piece of music candy, but it grates on me so bad. I physically clench my teeth when I hear that fucking, “Hey-ay! Hey-a-a-ay!” start up.

I would be very happy to not hear this song again. And I won’t even bother posting a link, I know that you’ve all heard it.


9 responses

    • You know what Jen? I’m glad that you are honest in telling me you like it. It’s nice that you don’t downplay it and say something like,”Oh, well, I like it sometimes, but…”. Too many people do that. You go ahead and like it, I can respect that.

  1. I’m in agreement with you, Trish. It’s not as terrible as some of the past EVERYWHERE songs, but it’s not good. I think a reason I hate it is because they clearly sold it to every friggin’ company in the world to use in commercials. That’s very lame. Maybe they knew they wouldn’t ever have another hit for a long time. Look how long it took for this thing to come out after the also-horrible “Drops of Jupiter” bullshit. Train is gonna ride their gravy-train as far as they can, apparently. LAME.

    • During that “Drops Of Jupiter” song, at that part that’s like,”Well she’s back from the atmosphere, drops of jupiter in her hair, ay-ayyy-ay…”, I always add”What’s going on?” like in that 4 Non-Blonds song.

  2. Ok. I’ll also admit I was chagrined to hear it on so many TV commercials, and so quickly. However, it’s latest appearance is as the “easy ride home” track of a certain indoor cycling class that I take, and it’s definitely a welcome song and a refreshing change by that point of the workout- after the ass-kicking, when you know you’re done. And while I didn’t like “Drops of Jupiter” when it first came out , or “Meet Virginia”, either, they grew on me over time when they began to represent some good times & good memories.

  3. Trish, I do hope that “What’s Goin’ On” makes an appearance, formally, in your 30 day song challenge. I really hope so.

  4. I do think this song is over played but I found new love for it when it was on Glee. That is of course because my boy sang it and I love anything by him. :)

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