Song Challenge: A Song That Makes Me Happy

Sonuva…I missed a post yesterday! In all fairness, I left the house at 8am and didn’t get home until after midnight, so I really didn’t have time. Last night was the A3F film challenge, which had two movies with Kane in them, so Lisa and I and some friends and my in-laws all went to support him.

It was fun and the movies he was in were really great, but I was disappointed in the lack of women participating. Lisa felt the same way, so we’re thinking about getting in on the next one. We’ve got some funny ideas when we are hanging out and being stupid, I think we could come up with something. Stay tuned on that.

Anyway, a song that makes me happy.

This is a really hard one to think of for some reason, since yesterday, work killed me yet again, so I am anything but happy. But it’s a good topic to write about, since I need to focus on happy right now.

Let’s Dream In The Moonlight by Billie Holiday

This is a song I first heard used on Northern Exposure, a tv show that inspired me in so many ways. It introduced me to so much great music and really got me looking past the radio to find music I loved.

I guess because of the scene it was used in, I always picture sitting outside on a warm quiet night, looking up at the moon and having a nice cold beer. And that equals Happy. It also equals mellow, something I really am working hard on being lately.

Plus, music of this era, with this type of sound makes me think of my grandfather, Pop pop. He loved a lot of great music too, and played it on the big old stereo in the dining room when I was a kid. He was also always smiling, through just about anything. I miss him every day, but thinking about him makes me happy too, in a bittersweet kind of way.

This is the only video I found, but take a few nice slow breaths and enjoy.


One response

  1. Ahhh. Yeah, this is a very good song. You’re right: that show just introduced us to music we never would have found otherwise at that time. Django Reinhart immediately comes to mind. (His music works anytime, anywhere, really.) No other TV show was so well-crafted as that one. And I am counting Lost and Buffy in there when I say that. :-)

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