Song Challenge: A Sad Song

Today I am doubling up on posts, since I missed yesterday but I don’t want to punk out on the challenge. So this morning I did a happy song, tonight I am posting about a song that makes me sad.

When I was 17, I worked at Leslie’s Pools with my then-boyfriend (who was also my best friend, we had been together for 2 years). Some of our friends worked there too, including a new friend, we’ll call her Blondie. Blondie and I started to hang out, even after our summer jobs at Leslie’s were over. One time we traded cd’s, since back then you couldn’t just download everything. So we traded music and she gave me Live-Mental Jewelry. I didn’t listen to it right away. A few months went by, and me and my boyfriend broke up sometime during that period, when I found out he had been cheating on me. Another few months went by and I found the cd’s that Blondie had given me, so I listened to the Live cd. I really loved it. On that album there was a really good and melancholy song, and since I had found out that my mom and my sister were moving to Arizona and I was going to have to go too, I felt very down so I listened to it a lot. I didn’t want to leave my home, I felt like I had lost most of my friends, with the exception of a few really good girlfriends. I remember thinking I should call Blondie and hang out with her again. I mentioned this to one of my girlfriends, who then told me, “Really? I wouldn’t think you’d want to hang out with her since she and ex-boyfriend were hooking up while you all worked at Leslie’s…”.

Yay. So not only did that song already make me feel sad about leaving New Jersey, but now it was super awesome to think that another friend had been betraying me and I never knew.

I wasn’t really that upset about him anymore at that point. Ex-boyfriend had cheated with a lot of people I found out about, so that made him pretty easy to get over. It was still sad though, losing him as my best friend, and then losing a lot of my girl friends that he had been cheating on me with.

So there you have it. This song makes me think of losing my friends and my home and everything I had all at once. Me, sitting in my bedroom all alone, packing my whole life into cardboard boxes and throwing away pictures of people I thought had cared about me.

And that was before the shit really hit the fan. But that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, bummed out yet?

Enjoy. *sniff*


2 responses

  1. Ohhhh, now I remember this song. Oddly, a lot of Live songs make me think of vivid memories of those last couple years in NJ, too. Lightning Crashes reminds me of going out to see Kristen her senior year of college, and us having a long talk about getting old and dying that ended with us crying like jerks. (Later I went out to my car and the locks were frozen and I had to stay longer than expected, missing a couple of classes back home and a night of work… but we had a great time that night in the cafeteria with her college friends, laughing really hard, so it was worth it.) But anyway, yeah. Live was a big part of the soundtrack back then. I miss them and I’m gonna start listening to them again.

  2. I had a love affair with Live. They were actually the first CD I ever bought way back in 1994. Throwing Copper got me through the move to college.

    Funny how both of our sad songs remind us of friends we lost. :(

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