Song Challenge: A Song that Reminds me of Someone


Taking Retards To The Zoo by The Dead Milkmen.

This song reminds me of my friend from high school, Treigh. She was the most unique and independent person I ever met, a true artist. She was also my sister’s very first fan, having read a short story of hers in our school’s yearly magazine, Viewpoint. When I told Treigh that Lisa was my sister she was super excited, and it was genuine.

Her hair was long and red and black, her nails were long and black and white. She has the same birthday as Dr. Seuss. She laughed all the time, at stuff that only she and I got, and her bedroom at her parents’ house was painted and glued and glittered from floor to ceiling. We took a class trip to Buck’s County, PA one time in 9th grade, and Tracy played this song for me on her headphones. I almost peed myself with laughter, not only at the song but at her enthusiasm for it. I can still hear her laughing and saying,”Whoa—-ooooo-oo! Takin’ retards to the ZOO!!”.

We listened to this song at least 4 or 5 times in a row that day.

Treigh is now an artist in Portland, making amazing jewelry and art out of found objects and taxidermied animal parts. (I told you she was unique!!! Take that Martha Stewart.). Her stuff is sold under the name “Shipwreckt”, which you can google or click on her name above. She welds giant sculptures and still wears an awful lot of black and white stripes. And I am very proud to know her. :)

Sadly, a clear version of this song can’t be found on the internet. Must be the Retards thing. Ehh. Here’s a link to the album….


2 responses

  1. Another interesting song I never heard before. Yuo are opening my eyes to so many new things!

    Treigh (even her name is unique) sounds like one of those one in a million people you never knew you needed in your life but are so glad to have them simply because they offer a different perspective and outlook on an ordinary world. She sounds amazing. I will be checking out her stuff!

  2. OMG, I was just listening to Take the Retards to the Zoo today!! And yeah, I laugh my ass off every time I hear it, too. Thanks for sharing the MP3 with me not long ago… it brings me back to the 90s, right away.

    Oh, Treigh. LOVED her. Not only because she was a ‘fan’ of mine (heh heh, really?) but because she was so genuinely unique and lovely. Such a wonderful, old soul. She’s an inspiration.

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