Song Challenge: Song that Reminds me of Somewhere

“I Remember You” The Ataris

This song reminds me of being at 1810 Funhouse when I was in college. 1810 is the house that my friends all rented, back when I was just one of the boys. Not literally though, no sex change happened. Believe me or don’t!

I met my best friend Jeff at school when he was loudly remarking how much he hated the class we were in. He rented a house with Mikey, John and Bob. He invited me to his birthday party at the house, and after that night, I spent all day every day over there. It was insanely fun, having this group of guys to laugh with and drink with and gross each other out and just be stupid. I miss them so much!

I drove past the house a few months ago and it looks all clean and repainted. No sign of the butter fight, the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding poster or the Rolling Rock bottle collection. No leftover urine smell from the time Jeff peed on John’s pillow while he was away, no smashed toilet in the bathroom by the red room. Someone probably repaired the chandelier that we ripped from the ceiling by all hanging on it at once, and filled the holes from the month where Jeff tried to learn to throw knives. Someone might have replaced the door that nearly cracked my sternum during the lightsaber incident and caused Jeff to hide on the roof and cry. And I bet no one ever crowds into the smallest bedroom with about 25 people and blasts “The Safety Dance” anymore.  I’m getting all misty over here.

Anyway, The Ataris covering I Remember You just perfectly sums up those fun days and insane nights where our biggest concern was who could throw darts at the Britney standee we stole from 7-11 and hit her in the eyes. I love you guys!

Jeff, Mikey and Carrie on "Prom Night".


2 responses

  1. Awww. You had such a great time with those guys! Everyone was so happy over there. Every time I went they were so cool to me, and didn’t act like I was just your big sister. Two of those dudes witnessed My Finest Moment(TM): running through the screen door. OHYEAH. “Shut up!” (runs crying into my room; John says, “She went through that thing like a fuckin’ linebacker!”) LOL!
    And Jeff can move back to AZ any old time he wants. Serious, Jeff. Get your ass back here.

  2. I had a friend who had a house like that in college. I always wondered how they managed to put it back in respectable order because man, the things that we did in that house… :)

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