Song Challenge: A Song I Can Dance To

I am not a dancer. I can’t “shake” anything but the fat under my arms. But once I used to. Once.

There are a few songs I used to be able to dance to, like The Alley Cat or Diamonds Are A Girls’ Best Friend. But there is one that is funnier than the others.

Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake.

I can dance it. So can my sister. We took a tap class with an old lady and a bunch of kids once, and this was the song we did a routine to. Granted, I don’t remember too much of the routine, but still. We were pretty good. Until we looked up into the huge mirrors and saw ourselves dancing in what was primarily a kid’s class.



2 responses

  1. I could never remember the name of this song! DAMN that was a funny experience. We need to take another beginner’s tap class sometime. For serious!

  2. So now you know you have to video both of you doing this dance to this song. Because I love me some JT and seeing both of you shake it to this would be epic! :)

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