Song Challenge: Guilty Pleasure

This one is hard because I really love a lot of songs others would consider a guilty pleasure. But not me, I listen to them loud and proud-like.

So for me, it’s the mainstream songs that become the guilty pleasure. So if there’s one mainstream song that I like, (although the radio has to stop with it, b/c I’ll start to hate it soon…) it’s Fucking Perfect by Pink. The uncensored version, not the radio edit.

I have never liked her music, and I forget what I was looking up on iTunes, but one night I accidentally downloaded this song instead of what I wanted. I let it go through though, and put it on my gym playlist.

The lyrics are really good, and she doesn’t try to get all showy with her voice. It’s just her thinking out loud and I like it. Pink as a person is awesome. I just can’t really get into her music. But this song is different, so it’s my guilty pleasure.

But like I said, the radio stations have to cool it with this one, I hear it way too many times and it’s getting ruined!


One response

  1. I love this song. It is a great lyrical song. Do you follow her on Twitter? She is so funny, especially with all her pregnancy posts now.

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