Nightstands Before and After



It just had to be done.

And just to keep things semi-matching, I painted Kane’s nightstand too.

The only thing that didn’t work out like I had planned was that I seem to own the only nightstand that the drawers do not come out. Didn’t think that would be a problem but they are built right into the thing. So in the “after” picture, you can still see a line of the old red color on either side of the drawers. But since I am out of spray paint these will have to wait.

Still though, it’s been a nice productive day and it’s only 2 o’clock. Nap time!


5 responses

  1. What?!?! These are fantastic!! Great job, Trish! I love the red handles, too. Did you find those in red, or did you paint those? Either way, well done.

  2. Thanks!! I painted them red. I really love glossy spray paint. I didn’t even have to sand my nightstand, the color went on perfectly. So glad I finally did this, and happy I went with grey rather than blue like I planned. So much more neutral, since I can always change the knobs out if I want to.

  3. That settles it: I have got to go buy lots of spray paint this weekend! Maybe I can finally do that ceiling fan that’s been in my garage since I moved in… it might look really awesome in gray or dark purple with that mosaic glass light kit and everything. Oooh. Now I am excited. Thanks for inspirin’ this idiot! :-)

  4. I am such a dummy and accidentally posted this on your Ke$ha post! Here you go again anyway haha:

    The nightstands turned out SO CUTE! Something about just changing up drawer pulls can make a huge difference. LOVE them!


  5. These look incredible! Spray paint is such an easier way to do things. I love the gray and even think the red you couldn’t get to goes with the look since you did the knobs red. Gives it an eclectic look. :)

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