Song Challenge: Used to Love But Now I Hate

Hate is such a strong word. And I use it often.

Once I love a song, it’s usually for life. Same goes for the hating. Not much can change my mind on stuff. But I guess one song I used to love but now loath would have to be

Brand New Key by Melanie.

I used to think it was really cute and quirky and fun, but I must have listened to it too many times and got burned out on it. Now I find Melanie’s voice to be grating, and the tune to be sort of dopey.

Lisa played a cover of this song for me a few weeks back, I don’t remember who covered it. And I still didn’t like that and it’s possible I might have accidentally talked her out of liking it too.

I hope not though, I don’t want to be spreading my hate around.

Unless it’s for anything to do with Sex And The City. More people should hate that.


2 responses

  1. “Hate is such a strong word. And I use it often.” That sounds like a status update, for sure. I like it.

    The cover was by Rasputina, and the funny thing was I had it on my iPod but it never comes up. So it had been awhile since I heard it. That night, I realized how the “I gotta brand new pair of roller skates…” part sounded, so high-pitched and breathy, really didn’t sound all that great, after all. You didn’t talk me out of liking it, I promise. I just realized that it wasn’t as good as I remembered it, when I finally heard it again. Oh, well. Rasputina’s song “Coraline” is still pretty awesome. So I can’t hate on them all that much. I’ve been systematically deleting all the Melanie songs from my iPod for awhile now, though. The only one left is her cover of “Ruby Tuesday.” Her sound, overall, isn’t my favorite anymore.

  2. I HATE SEX AND THE CITY TOO!!!! Please tell me why people love that insipid shit???? Can we start a hate club revolved around ridding the world of that drivel?

    Oh, and never heard this song but now I am afraid to listen to it. :)

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