Song Challenge: Heard Often on the Radio

A song I hear too often on the radio is probably The Only Girl In The World by Rihanna. (If that’s what it’s called.) I really can’t handle this song anymore. I never liked it to begin with, but I swear that every time I turn on the radio and scroll through, it’s playing on at least one channel. And Rihanna doesn’t sing, she screeches! Ugh, really terrible. Plus the lyrics are completely awful. I just feel like telling her to just stop yelling. She’s on the radio, we can hear her just fine. She doesn’t have to shriek all the time!


3 responses

  1. I know what you mean. I turn that one off- haven’t ever even listened to it all. When it comes to Rihanna, it’s hit or miss with me. I like a few of the better ones (“Replay”, “S.O.S”, “Shut Up & Drive”, “Breakin’ Dishes”, “S&M” -though I still can’t believe that one gets airplay. The video was banned in 18 countries and on YouTube), but can’t stand the others.

    I’m also sick to death of Enrique Iglesias. I just can’t dig this album like I have the other two. What’s WITH music these days? It’s all so crude! I loved “I Like It” until the radio overplayed it and I’m not a fan of that “Pit Bull” guy, either. This newest single has too much crooning/wailing and the lyrics are disappointing. Same goes for that Cee-Lo song. And will everybody please just stop playing Usher? It’s not fun anymore! Once in a while is greatly appreciated, every five freakin’ minutes is overkill.

  2. In that song, does she say, “Wanchu to treat me like I’m a hot guy”? I’ll look up the lyrics, I guess, and find out… but I thought I’d mention it because maybe you’ve heard what I’m talking about, too.

    Music on the “main” radio stations sucks. I can only keep it on for a few minutes before I give up. So I don’t know a lot of the new songs very well. That’s fine by me. I know enough to not be completely ignorant of “the big hit songs of our time.” But 9 times outta 10, I don’t like what I hear. It would suck to have to keep the radio on at work and hear that crap all day long, so I don’t envy you there!

  3. I think I stop liking songs because they play them over and over everywhere and I just get sick of hearing them. And yes, a lot of the stuff that is out is crap. There are very few quality artists out there.

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