Song Challenge: From My Favorite Album

Before I do this one, I just have to say that I didn’t realize how hard it would be to not put Nine Inch Nails songs for most of these categories. I’ve done well so far, but here goes.

My favorite album has to be Pretty Hate Machine by NIN. I can just listen to it from start to finish, I know every word. I remember listening to it over and over again in my bedroom when I was about 13. I borrowed it from Lisa (of course! Sorry to always steal your music, Schwes!). I had never heard anything so heavy and angsty and strong before. This wasn’t prissy little girl music like my friends were listening to. It was perfect to play as loud as possible, mostly when my parents weren’t home to tell me to turn it down.

It never seems to get old for me. I love their other albums too, but this one is still my top choice.

I’ve seen NIN a few times live, and every time I get super excited whenever Trent plays anything from PHM.

And I just have to say, I am still so excited that he won an Oscar for the score for The Social Network. I’m just happy that he’s still doing it and getting recognized for the talent and sound he has, that many have tried to imitate but never succeed.

Sin by Nine Inch Nails


2 responses

  1. I wish I could remember just who got *me* into NIN, actually. It’s like one day I woke up and NIN was just THE BEST BAND (Trent) EVER. PHM makes me think of Shtephen, actually… it was so cool to have a boyfriend to rock out to NIN with! High school angst, raaaawwwr!! I’d rather die, than give you control! \m/

  2. My hubby LOVES NIN and this is one of his favorite albums too. I liked their song “Closer” before I met him but never really got into them until he opened my eyes to their sound. I was thrilled about Trent winning the Oscar. The music in that movie was sick and ti goes to show what an amazing artist he is.

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