Song Challenge: When I’m Happy

There isn’t just one song I listen to when I am happy, there’s probably about 50. But a more serious happy song would be Little Bitty Pretty One by Thurston Harris. You can’t listen to it without getting a smile on your face. Anything 50’s, almost. Because music back then was so simple and happy and fun, you could just dance around and bop your head to it all day.

As for a comedy type of song, I’d go with anything by Tim and Eric. Or The Lonely Island. Or Cartoon Planet. Or The Whitest Kids U’Know. Or…

In fact, here’s the latest WKUK song that is stuck in my head on repeat. You’re welcome!


3 responses

  1. All right! Excellent choice! Little Bitty Pretty One really is a song that it’s impossible to listen to and be in a bad mood.
    Between Old Folks Home and Dinosaur Rap, WKUK have the monopoly on earworms these days. Good god. (And yay, cute Trevor!) ;-)

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