I’ve only recently figured out exactly how many times I need to refill my water bottle each day, and I am kind of floored with how much water we really need each day. I have to drink 6 to 7 bottles-worth of my refillable water bottle. That’s a LOT. I had always heard how much water you need, but until you actually do it you don’t realize how much water that really is. I am trying, although the most I’ve made it through this week has been 4 bottles. Still 2 to 3  short. Yikes.

No wonder why I am always tired and hungry. I’m dehydrated. And now with the temp hitting 100 degrees for the first time this past week, I’ll be dehydrating faster than ever. Great.

I haven’t forgotten about the music challenge, in case anyone is following it. I still have a few more days to post, but I had to take a break. Blogging every day is hard! It’s not the finding stuff to write about, luckily the music challenge does that for me. It’s finding the time. Mostly I don’t stop moving until the very end of the day, and most times I am just too burned out to sit down and think and write.

Either way, this will be a week of drinking H2O, blogging and making Sci-Fi themed jeweleries. Did I mention that Friday is already the 2nd Friday Sci Fi Night in Mesa? Yeah, that came up faster than I thought. Hopefully I can get it together fast enough to set up a booth. And if not, May’s theme better also be Sci-Fi!


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  1. Frightening, isn’t it? I used to work with two supervisors who brought gallon jugs of water to work every day with the goal of drinking the whole thing by the time their shift was over. They were always challenging themselves with stuff like that- particularly after they became avid triathletes. One of my bosses actually decided to stay on the treadmill one day until he had reached the 1,000 calories burned mark. It took him about 3.5 hours.

    At least you’ve figured out the solution to the hunger/fatigue! Now that won’t bother you anymore!

  2. Eww. When I hear the word ‘waterlogged’ now, the first thing I think of is the first X-Men movie and that senator who goes all gelatinous on the beach.

    The second thing I think of is the Log Flume at Great Adventure. Yay! Logs we can sit in! And go down a big-ass water slide-thing! WOOOT!

    Water’s got good things, and bad things.

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