Post it

Do you ever marvel at how some people make it through the day? Like, there are so many things that are obvious to us but to some people out there it would be an impossible nut to crack?

For example, say someone calls their apartment manager’s office repeatedly, saying that their bathroom lights do not work. And, hypothetically, let’s say that the maintenance staff goes in and checks the switches each time, only to find that all lights are in perfect working order. And we’ll even go so far as to say that the manager, the fabulous and gifted blogger that she is, decides to finally accompany her staff into the apartment, and sees the same thing. Well, what to do then?

I mean, leaving detailed post-its on each switch might just make this person feel dumb, right? Can’t have that.

Or can we?



4 responses

  1. This is one of my favorite ‘incidents’ because it’s so hard to believe someone could really be THIS STUPID. Has he been complaining again? Did the Post-Its do the trick? Sounds like the kind of person who would die if he fell face down on the carpet. Not from the fall, mind you. No, he’d die because he wouldn’t know how to right himself and get up.

  2. Ha ha!! I have to laugh because I had to mark my switches in a house for guests so they wouldn’t turn off the switch that kept the TV working. But I at least knew they worked, I just wanted to make sure people didn’t switch off the wrong one.

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