Phoenix Comicon

The Phoenix Comicon has grown so much over the last few years. Kane has been submitting films and having them screened there from the beginning, when it was a very small convention with not very many guests or events, over at the Mesa Convention center. This year, it was H U G E. It reminded me of San Diego CC, which was probably the most crowded place I have ever been in my life, but so full of stuff that it was like censory overload.

A gaggle of Something-or-others navigates the lobby at Comicon.

I had a hard time taking pictures of all the costumes since there were so many and they were rather fast moving. I did manage to take a picture of the Jack Sparrow guy, trying his best to emulate Johnny Depp but not succeeding.

"Why is the rum gone?...And all the hot chicks?"

Kind of deflated looking for a Captain Jack huh?

Then there was THIS beautiful…um, whatever-it-is.

I think this chracter was a Mormon Angel at a Rave? I could be wrong.

Note the lack of shoes. This picture was snapped after she stepped off the escalator, and onto the only part of the floor not covered in thousands of nerd-feet. How gross it that? Honey, no costume is worth a foot fungus. Although if that guy is her boyfriend, foot fungus is the least of her worries.

Anyway, I didn’t just go to pick on people, we had official business there.

I swear he was just facing me when I tried to snap this picture.

Here’s my husband at the Q&A following the screening of one of his movies. Of course I got no good pictures of it, since it was all dark. So we re-enacted the Q&A in the hallway.

Not as good without questions from the audience. Hang on.

"What's your writing process? And what is it like to be married to a jackass?"

If a train leaves the station in Chicago travelling at 45 MPH, and another train leaves NY at 38 MPH..."

Mike and Dave, whoe were involved in Kane's movie, clearly enthralled by the Q&A.

The screening went great, and his film got a lot of laughs from the audience, so that was awesome. The only thing that sucked about the screening was a web series that was shown, all 6 episodes and then a christmas special of the same show which was painful long and very slowly paced and rather unfunny. I usually am better at appreciating someone’s hard work no matter if the films aren’t that great but I was hungry. And when I get hungry I can be a real bitch apparently, because I was having major trouble getting through roughly an hour and 20 minutes of that shit.

Me watching the christmas special and trying to not walk out.

The thing that sucked the most about ending the screening with that is that it chased most of the audience away, and when it was over there weren’t many people left who sat through all of that crap to do the Q&A. Oh well, at least they liked Kane’s movie so that made me happy.

After all that, we made it downstairs to the show floor, which was crammed with all sorts of ninjas and furry nondescript things and teen girls in slutty anime costumes.

My friend Brianna of As The Crow Flies had a booth down there, so we had to stop by and check it out!

Brianna and her boyfriend posing at her booth!

She did really well too, selling most of what she brought there. She makes bolero jackets and capes, and wristlets and spats and all sorts of cute little goth-y fun accessories. She shared a booth with another woman who makes toys out of socks, and they were completely adorable.

Here's a little Edward Cullen handpuppet, with "topaz" eyes since he has just eaten, apparently. Cute!

Lisa made a nice new friend at the comicon.

I salute you, Meat Grinder. U S A!

And look, actual comics at the comicon! Yay!

Finally a costume I knew! A Mooninite from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. :)

(Funny side-note: Kane said that there were a couple of guys dressed like this and he heard one of them saying through the costume as he tried to go the the second level, “Fuck you, stairs.”. Yeah, how do you do anything in this costume?)

Kane spent most of this weekend down there, doing some on-camera interviews and helping to film the panels. The one for Leonard Nimoy and Stan Lee was probably the most crowded, but his favorite one was with Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy). He said he was super funny and had a potty mouth, so we can appreciate that!

Kane totally took this picture! (OK he didn't.)

We were going to stay forever but the smell of teenager B.O. and greasepaint was getting to us.

Lisa washes her hands of the whole situation.

I am sad I missed the Nicholas Brendon panel, but overall I have to say I was impressed with the comicon. It has gotten so much bigger and although I didn’t get many pictures of the good costumes, you should have seen the work some people put into this stuff. So while I may be snarky and it’s not really my thing, I can appreciate the nerdly-ness and say I am proud to have been wandering the crowd, although I was mostly looking for the exit.


4 responses

  1. I LOVE Nicholas Brendon!!! He was my favorite on Buffy. Would have been incredible to meet him.

    This looks like a lot of fun. People-watching alone would have been a blast. I wish we could have been there to see Kane’s movie. Maybe you can post it somehow so we can take a look.

    I love zombies, but that one was especially scary.

  2. Amanda, I actually was a little wary approaching that zombie mannequin, because there was a small chance it could have been a dude standing very, very still… and I wasn’t gonna have *that* startling me! You would have loooooved the Zombie Beauty Pageant. All types and ages of zombies came shuffling past me, since I was ‘stationed’ outside the ballroom… I’m so mad I was too busy working and couldn’t take photos! It was pretty awesome.

  3. They were talking about this past weekend’s local “ComicPalooza” on the radio this morning. It sounds like a cheap phony compared to you guys’ adventures.

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