Today was a good day to visit the animal shelter.

Sure it was hot, but the sky had actual hints of clouds in it. My sister, my husband and I packed into the car and drove to the Humane Society shelter near South Mountain.

There was a plan that someone might come home with us today. Not a sure thing, only if a special little someone caught my sister’s eye.

As luck would have it, he did.

Meet Gremlin.

He’s about 8 months old, and has such a little personality he was hard not to notice!

Any time one of us walked nearby the cage he was in, Gremlin rolled over, stretched out his delicate paws and reached for us.

Other, smaller babies were tough competition for Gremlin, like these two above. Particularly Clawdine, the little grey one above. Such a face!

For a brief moment, Lisa considered adopting them both, but with how sweet and affectionate he was, Gremlin won all of us over. Here’s the moment he was removed from his cage. Permanently.

While we waited for him to be microchipped and ready for the drive home, we bought some new toys for him and our other kitties. We also wandered around and looked at all the tiny kittens one more time. We saw so many little ones, it was really hard to walk away. Especially this funny little black one, in a pile with her two other littermates, sleeping soundly with her mouth full-on open!

So funny!

After Gremlin was ready, we drove him home to Lisa’s house, although she is going to introduce him to her dog and other cat very slowly. I am sure that he’s going to be just fine though.

It was so hard to not be blinded by the tiny mews and soft fuzzy heads of the smaller kittens. And it is so hard to know that you can’t help them all. But at least one more has a home, and that’s something that makes you feel so good.

Plus, while we were there, so many of the kittens were adopted. Including little Clawdine.

I found myself thinking as we left, God bless you, little honeys. I hope all of you find a place in this world with good people who love you as much as you deserve.

Welcome, Gremlin.



4 responses

  1. I LOVE this post!!! Thank you so much for writing it. But most of all, thank you for going with me today and helping me making this important decision. It was really fun and I just know I did the right thing. When I got home tonight, I went in to see Gremlin and he was just jumping up onto my lap and purring away, wanting to be snuggled and scratched. He’s amazing. AND he is dying to get out of there and meet his new brothers, too. Such a cool little dude! I’m still in amazement that this has happened and come together like this. I love it. What a grat way to start a weekend. :-) I love you, Moe!

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