Imaginary Fourth

In a perfect world, I would host a fabulous Fourth of July BBQ, and I would serve this cake:

And while I’m at it, on the table would be this centerpiece:

(Yes, those are real sparklers!)

And my guests would drink their drinks with these paper straws:

And as a party favor, I would give out these little retro robot nightlights. Not that they have anything to do with the fourth of July, but aren’t they just cute??

Wow, I am quite the imaginary party thrower, huh? But with my budget, my party would be more like this:

Happy Fourth of July everyone! No matter what kind of party you are hosting today, remember the reason for the fireworks and celebration!


2 responses

  1. That would be a sweet party! I love all this stuff, especially the cake and the paper straws, for some reason… I don’t get why paper straws are so cool, but they really are, aren’t they? Way better than a rolled-up five dollar bill–

    Oh, wait… I get it. These paper straws are for DRINKING.

  2. That cake is amazing! I would love to go to a party like that too. Alas, it’s work for me. But next year we should have it off. So I should start planning now.

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