Wishing for weather

The picture above is of a rainstorm moving into Phoenix. And it would be the most welcome sight here in Arizona right now.

Growing up in New Jersey, I honestly didn’t think I would ever long for those overcast, gray days. Rain was such a regular thing I kind of took it for granted. Although, I do have to say that I always loved rain, no matter where I lived. It’s always been something nice and calming to me. But living here for the past 13 years, it’s like a holiday here when it does rain.

I don’t know if it made news nationally, but on Tuesday night we had a giant dust storm that was so big, it is considered a “haboob”, which is a type of sandstorm that usually only happens in the desert in the Middle East. Great. It did bring a little rain with it, although our entire city is now covered in mud! So weird.

I went to the carwash today and had about a 15 minute wait, I have never seen it so crowded. But it’s nice to see my car back to it’s sparkly light gold color, instead of polka-dots of dirt and mud.

Also an unpleasant side effect of the storm the other night: humidity. It’s 26% today, but yesterday it was much higher. And as anyone knows, humidity makes a 110 degree day feel like 150!! Rain, either you start falling, or you make this humidity go away.

So dear readers, wherever you are, if it rains there, can I come for a visit soon? I’m drying up like a nasty old raisin here!!

(P.S. I also don’t care for raisins. Help me!)



3 responses

  1. I’m in total agreement with you. I miss rain. Weather. :-(

    I heard the humidity on Tuesday got up to 49%! Yowza. No wonder we were all sticky as hell.

    “Raisins…they’re humiliated grapes.”

  2. That dust storm was CRAZY! We covered it here too! It has rained every day here in Vegas for the last five days. Very unusual.

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